Working Fields and Prevention Domains
in General Practice / Family Medicine

Draft Version 0.6        

Marc Jamoulle1, Michel Roland2, Niels Bentsen3, Michael Klinkman4, Erik Falkoe5, Bob Bernstein6, Anders Grimsmo (?), Yamada Takashi (?),.., on behalf of the WONCA International Classification Committee

Family physicians.
1&2 Family Medicine and Primary Care Unit, Public Health School, Free University of Brussels (Be)
3 Department of Community Medicine and General Practice University of Trondheim (No) & Chairman, WONCA International Classification Committee
4 Department of Family Medicine, University of Michigan (US)
5 Research Unit of General Practice, University of Southern Denmark, Odense (Dk)
6 Department of Family Medicine, University of Ottawa (Ca)
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Points 1,3 and 4 have to be written following the suggested themes

  • Implementing quaternary prevention, opening research fields

    • Limiting iatrogenic harm
    • Accepting and legitimating the patient suffering
    • Naming the illness appropriately
    • Recognizing and tolerating uncertainty
    • Simultaneously exploring symptoms, pathological findings,
      life context, and emotions, in all cases
    • Finding meaningfull language
    • Addressing the body
    • Treating symptoms and improving functioning
    • Adressing the physician needs
    • Creating health system conductive to care

    Table 7 Principles of care. Reproduced from Epstein, Quill and Mc Whinney
    (permission asked)

  • References

  • Aknowledgement

    Thanks to B. Starfield, F. Mennerat, Ph. Sive and R. Lagasse for valuable comments and to Margaret Leemans and Guy Kervyn for helping in the translation.

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