Prévention quaternaire


Quaternary prevention

Marc Jamoulle, Charleroi, Belgium
Family doctor
Free lance researcher in Primary care

Collaborator at IRSS University of Louvain
WICC member and editor

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Seminario "Prevención Cuaternaria y Medicalización"

Lunes 29 de octubre de 2012 - 09,00 a 16,00hs.
Salón Auditorio de la Fundación AEQUUS (Chacabuco 314, 1p)
Ciudad de Buenos Aires
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  Welcome on the P4 pages. Hereunder some personal citations but you could have also a look at
Research papers by marc jamoulle
More bibliography about preventing prevention see MENDELEY P4 group //     First draft access
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    download program & instructions     Access to the SIAP 2011 Yahoo group
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    English / French / Portuguese         Slides Brasilia 2011
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