Marc Jamoulle, md, mph                                            

General practitioner, WICC member 


ESP/ULB,    Unit ; Médecine de famille et Soins Primaires


First Publication date ; 02 Feb 2002


ESP/ULB Master in Public Health, 2002-2003


     Lecture on Classification systems in Primary Care


Thanks to Jean Karl Soler (Malta), Helena Britt & Graeme Miller (FMRC-Sydney), François Mennerat (CEN TC251),

  Roger Weeks (DIN - UK) and Tim Flewelling (New Brunswick Dep H&W) for their contributions



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1.        General introduction:

§ Clinical information needs statement (Duke).

Ø    Helina-L

§ Main purposes of information retrieval, GP/FM working fields (.ppt)

§ The four fields and the four preventions. (html)

§ Four fields and four preventions (.ppt)

§ Moving towards international standards in PC Informatics  

§ Recommended reading




2.        Internet based tools :


§ Hyperlinks to Primary care resources  

§ Resources in health/IT subjects

§ Hyperlinks to terminologies and classifications

§ Contribution of Geoffrey C. Bowker to the study of classifications

§ Open source in Health Care , OIO

§ Health geomatics


3.        Infoethics

§ The Cos declaration

§ EGE : opinion n°13

§ WMA statement on ethical consideration regarding health database

§ e-health code of ethics

§ data use agreement (AHRQ)


4.         Why Code ? Why classify? (.ppt)  Which code? Which Classification?

§  Health information system, indicators, data collection and classifications

§  Vocabularies, Data Coding and Classification


5.        Terminologies and classification


6.        Main clinical classifications in use in health care


q  WHO family of classification

§ ICD  

o    ICD9 coding tool

o    Example of ICD tables

o    ICD-10 chapter F (mental health in hypertext)

o    ICD-10-PC



o    Use of ICF in a Belgian database (French)


q  WONCA tools for GP/FM

§    ICD versus ICPC (.ppt)

§    ICPC

§    ICPC for literature retrieval

§    ICPC bibliography

§    Glossary of general practice


q  ICN classification

§  ICNP® beta 2 International classification for nursing practice


q  Emergency and severity classifications

§  Primary care : DUSOI (bibliography)

§  Secondary care: Australasian Triage Scale , ATS detailed description, ATS triage categories


q  Others


§   RCC, Read codes description(.html)

§   Snomed

§   Snomed-CT

§   UMLS


7.        Main process classifications

§  IC-Process-Pc

§  ICPC drug classification

§  HL7

§  Loinc

§  ATC, ATC French

§  EphMRA

§  SHA

§  Taxonomy of errors


8.        Special course on  ICPC

§ ICPC exercises

§ ICPC search  (login: icpc  password: search )

§ ICPC-2 and traditional medicine

§ Download ICPC-2

§ ICPC-Plus

§ Encode-FM

§ ICPC bibliography

§ ICPC in Europe

§ Prometheus project