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Identification of the concepts at stake during a consultation

Clinical exercises


During a consultation between a patient and a doctor, symptoms, process and health problems are at stake and could be identified and retrieved through the use of ICPC.(refer to

Specific training and managerial competences of the doctor could be identified and explained through the Q-Codes

Together ICPC and Q-Codes form 3CGP ; Core Content Classification in General Practice/ Family Medicine

The concepts identified in ICPC and Q-Codes could be useful to understand and teach the content of consultation in family medicine.

v  Clinical items could be found in ICPC desk copy / CISP exemplaire de bureau

v  Full flat list of 183 Q-Codes ver2.2 in 6 languages

v  Some Q-Code Terminological records edited online on (restricted access) are edited here in print format (.pdf)

v     QC3 Social high risk

v     QD1 Communicator

v     QD11 Patient doctor relationships

v     QD44 Quaternary prevention

v     QD441 Medically unexplained symptoms

v     QH11 Indoor pollution

v     QP41 Patient satisfaction

v     QR47 Case report

v     QS31 Practice collaboration

v     QS33 Coordination of care

v     QR21 Pharmacoepidemiology

v     QR47 Case report

v     QT33 Clinical reading

v     QT52 Adverse event reporting



Some teaching exercises and case reports are reported here out of the daily consultations in Gilly, Belgium at the private health center Espace Temps, Maison de Sant with the help of undergraduate trainees in GP/FM


  Indoor pollution case (text in French)

  Adverse effect report case (text in French)

  Medically Unexplained Symptoms case (text in English & French)

  Staff. MG2 . Question Clinique Pneumonie / Clinical question Pneumonia (text in English & French)




Marc Jamoulle online Dec 6 & 17, 2015