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Editing  ICPC-2 in 20 languages on Hetop terminology portal

Go to

Make the inscription process : “inscription”



Connection (click on “se connecter”)


Select CISP-2 in the list (CISP is the French acronym for ICPC)



After typing the ICPC-2 code, tick the green arrow. You got the result in French if the French flag has been chose (left of the typing bar).

Then tick “Afficher toutes les langues” (Show all languages)

Below the result for ICPC-2 K92

This is work in progress. All items are semantically linked. Terminological search engine being in development.

Working team on this project :

Marc Jamoulle MD, Stefan Darmoni, MD,PhD. Julien Grosjean, Ir, PhD, Gaetan Kerdelhue Terminologist.



MF  Online April 2, 2015