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The HETOP editing of 3CGP

The Q-Codes


Have a look at the ongoing work about Q-Codes

The HETOP  portal is filled up progressively. I am working on an online interface which allow direct editing of the ongoing work


Go to

Make the inscription process : “inscription”



Connection (click on “se connecter”)


Select all objects : tick and deselect all and select only Q-Codes in the list (bottom).






In the window, type the searched code ; for instance QC31

Click on “afficher toutes les langues”



You receive the Q-Codes in 4 languages


The definition is followed by the source between brackets ; examples;

·        Woncadic ;  Bentsen,N. Wonca dictionary of general practice. 2003.

·        ICPC ; International Classification of Primary Care, 2d edition Revised, 2005

·        NCIT ; national cancer institute terminology


Explore the  link

Explore the  or  links

The above semantic links are proposed because the Family Doctor is at the interface between health system and patients, thus at the interface between lay terms and health terminologies


Some rubrics have a bibliographic links

About bibliographic links:

The main idea is to propose descriptor definition or examples which fit with Family medicine. If you find a family medicine source (book, paper) which proposes another or better definition or a review of the concept in the realm of GP/FM, please feel free to send me the reference and preferably full text. .


Q-Codes already edited

QC  /QC1 /QC11 /QC12/QC13/QC15/QC16 /QC2/QC21/QC22/QC23 /QC24 / QC3 /QC31 /QC32 /QC33 /QC34

QD4 /QD41/QD42 /QD43 /QD44/QD440/QD441 /QD442 /QD443 /QD444 /QD445/QD446/QD447/QD448/QD449

Full list of codes available;


Working team on this project :

Marc Jamoulle MD, Stefan Darmoni, MD,PhD. Julien Grosjean, Ir, PhD, Gaetan Kerdelhue Terminologist.


Translations: trad. Spanish : Mariana Mariño (ar) & Miguel Pizzanelli (ur) trad. Portuguese: Gustavo Gusso (br) & Armando Norman (br) revision : Arthur Alberto Corrêa Treuherz, Terminology supervisor, BIREME/PAHO/WHO, São Paulo, SP, Brazil (br)


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